Whingy faces and illustration

Whingy faces and illustration


children’s workshops for schools, libraries and festivals

Jane visits schools, libraries and festivals to run Gringer-based workshops for children from 3-10 years old. Sheena joins us when she can.

The workshops feature:

  • The story of how the idea for the book came about

  • Illustration

  • Sheena’s original artwork

  • The process for turning the idea into a book

  • Reading the story from the finished book

  • And of course, a bout of whinging ….

The events are tailored according to the age group and each one lasts about 50 minutes. The aims are to support literacy and foster the talents of aspiring young writers and illustrators.

Is maith le Jane bheith ag labhairt as Gaeilge anois is arís nuair a bhíonn an seisiún ar siúl.

For more information or to book, contact or phone 00 353 1 849 0598.